Aug 1, 2021

The idea of opening up Prince’s famed Purple Vault beneath his studio in Minneapolis to unleash the 8,000 unreleased tracks has long been discussed.

In fact Welcome 2 America counts as the 36th Prince album. The entire recording took place between 10 and 19 March 2010 at his Paisley Park Studios and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

The album was created from three archive CDs discovered in the Prince vault. Morris Hayes, a member of The NPG and The Time and who featured on George Clinton’s Funkestra for the Graffiti Bridge project, compiled the album. His selection for the tracklisting is similar to one of the archive CDs which also included the track Cause and Effect, which did appear in 2010 but then didn’t front for any future release.

It’s an album that doesn’t pull any punches in its comments on America and would almost certainly have been very controversial had it been released in Prince’s lifetime.

We believe Welcome 2 America is a triumph from beyond the grave and we are playing tracks on his dedicated radio station.



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