May 22, 2021

It was back in February 2017 that Rory Graham, A.K.A. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, won two Brit Awards just a couple of weeks after his first album came out.

HUMAN was the fastest selling debut album by a UK male artist for 10 years. How do you follow that? To the surprise of many he decided his second album should be what he called, “A lesson in restraint”.

His new album LIFE BY MISADVENTURE was recorded in Nashville with the help of veteran song writer Natalie Hemby and this time it is more about the power of the songs than the power of his voice, which has been notched back a little from the full throttle gravel of the first record.

As already mentioned he has had great success in the U.K, but the style of this album would suggest that he is out to win new fans elsewhere, particularly in America. He makes a strong pitch for that U.S.audience by duetting with Pink on AWAY FROM HERE. You would expect a combination of those two powerhouse vocalists to be a roof-lifter, but actually it is a piano led ballad and illustrates exactly the restraint he was talking about.

To support his campaign to get his music heard more widely around the world we have created a station for him here on the world’s biggest radio network, where you can can hear tracks from both his albums as well as his EP’s and other material.



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