Apr 29, 2021

On April 29, 1977 The Jam released their first single, “In The City”, which peaked at number 40 in the UK charts. As the proverb has it, from little acorns do mighty oaks grow.

The English punk rock/mod revival band, fronted by Paul Weller and formed in Woking, just south of London, went on to achieve another 18 Top 40 hits including four UK number 1’s.

At the height of their success in 1982 Weller announced the break-up of the band. At the beginning of 1983 he formed the Style Council where he experimented with a wide range of music and achieved 15 UK Top 40 hits over a six year period.

The solo career that followed has cemented Paul’s place among the very top echelons of UK rock and pop stars. Whilst being prolific in his own song writing, he has also recorded songs written by others, including Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot. His 2021 album Fat Pop (Volume 1) is his sixteenth studio album and his influence is regularly quoted by others such as Noel Gallagher.

You can hear music from across the entire range of Paul Weller’s back catalogue.



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