Jul 17, 2021

Metallica fans are the latest to have their favourite band’s album covers immortalised in jigsaw form. We love innovative music related products, after all we are one of the most innovative ourselves, so we thought we should give a mention to a company called Zee Productions, creators of Rock Saws.

They produce 500 piece jigsaws based on album covers from Rock’s biggest acts and have just announced that three more Metallica jigsaws are on the way with 500-piece sets for 2003’s ‘St. Anger’, 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’ and 2016’s ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’, all set for release on September 17. They will come in a 12 inch vinyl sized box so will fit on your record shelf along with the original albums.

‘Kill Em All’, ‘Ride The Lightning’ and ‘Master Of Puppets’ have already had the puzzle treatment along with a huge range of other legendary Rock releases. So now while you are listening to your favourite Rock acts on Exclusive Radio you can add a bit of Puzzle Power to the experience.

We have celebrated our love of Metallica by creating a radio station dedicated to playing their biggest songs non-stop.

It’s a puzzle that nobody thought of it before!



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