May 15, 2021

In an interview with Pop Sugar Katy has revealed that she wishes her early life had been less boy focussed! In the new video for her single ELECTRIC she re-visits her teenage years and says she wishes she could offer her teen self some sage advice:

“I stumbled, I fell, I made mistakes,” says Katy, “I learned from all of it. But I was pretty boy crazy. I think I was always searching for real love and true love.” Asked what wise words she would offer the young Katy, she says,

“Lose some time to be emotional about the boys…I’d say, ‘Don’t worry, keep swinging, make mistakes. Don’t read the comments. Don’t scroll down on the comments, and know how to separate real life from internet life. And boys aren’t mature until they’re 35, at least.'”

You can hear the new Pokemon inspired  single ELECTRIC and the best of the rest of her amazing music on


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