Feb 14, 2021

The album first came out on February 4th 1986 and there has been a lot of coverage recently of it’s 35th anniversary. This appears to have fired up her existing fans to check out the album again and stimulated a new audience to discover it for the first time. The result? It has hit the Number One spot on Apple’s Top 40 US Pop Album Chart!

In an emotional video posted on social media Janet said, “I was at home just the other day by myself and I began to cry. I was crying because I was so thankful for all that God has blessed me with, all that he has given me. I’m so thankful for Him being in my life. And I am so thankful for all of you being in my life. You’re so special to me.

And I want to thank all of you for making ‘Control’ number one once again after 35 years. I never, never in a million years, I would never think that this would happen. I really appreciate you and I love you so, so much. Thank you.”

Of course the best place to hear CONTROL and tons more of the finest songs from the youngest of the Jackson siblings is on EXCLUSIVELY JANET JACKSON. Don’t forget we have a station devoted to her brother Michael too!


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