Sep 4, 2021

It’s always an event when a new Iron Maiden album arrives.

One of the giants of heavy metal, it’s fun to see how their mascot Eddie will be portrayed, but most importantly it’s the sounds that emanate from the speakers once the needle hits the vinyl.

Since Bruce Dickinson’s return over 20 years ago, the mighty Maiden machine has churned out records that mix lengthy tracks with steady and sturdy rockers and it’s no different on Senjutsu. Bassist Steve Harris ups the ante with three straight epics to close out the record; each over 10 minutes long.

Senjutsu is another ambitious slice of music from the heavy metal legends. I you have loved what the band has been doing then you will certainly love this. There are moments of true, Maiden greatness.

We’re playing tracks from Senjutsu on their dedicated radio station.



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