Jun 6, 2021

He absolutely dominated Country Music in the 90’s and has been one of the biggest selling recording artists ever since, but in a recent interview Garth Brooks says he struggled to handle his new-found stardom.

Speaking to Gayle King on CBS THIS MORNING he said,

“I probably didn’t handle it well, a nation watches you grow up, right? So you’re gonna make decisions that you go, ‘Man, I wish I could take that one back’ ”

In 1999, largely due to the pressures of his meteoric rise his marriage to first wife Sandy Mahl ended in divorce, resulting in Brooks taking a 14 year break from touring in order to devote more of his time to his young daughters. He is now very happily married to fellow country star Trisha Yearwood and he began touring again in 2014. He was speaking to Gayle King ahead of the broadcast on June 6th of the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors. He is one of the artists honored in the prestigious ceremony alongside comic actor Dick Van Dyke, dancer, artist and choreographer Debbie Allen, singer-songwriter Joan Baez and violinist Midori.

Would he change any of the unexpected twists and turns his life has taken?

“The truth is now, if changing anything then meant any part of now would change? No thank you,” he says emphatically.

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