Mar 14, 2023

I Can Only Be Me is the ninth posthumous album by Eva Cassidy, released in March 2023, and is a collaboration between Blix Street Records and the London Symphony Orchestra.

In Chris Biondo, Eva’s former bandmate and arranger, told Exclusive Radio, “Eva had a fantasy of one day having a full orchestra back her up. To her, that was the greatest place you could be musically.”

Audio restoration technology developed by filmmaker Peter Jackson, who made the recent Beatles film Get Back, developed and used audio restoration technology to strip Eva’s voice from her original recordings, with the orchestrations being produced in 2021.

William Ross, who created the album’s Autumn Leaves track, said, “I can’t possibly find the words to adequately express my thoughts and feelings about Eva, one of the most unique, hypnotic and powerful singers of all time. Her voice resonates through my whole being. I don’t understand what she does to me…but I’m stunned by the experience. Those familiar with her have been changed forever.”

We can only agree and endorse those sentiments, which is why we are playing two tracks every hour right here.



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