Oct 4, 2021

Elton John and Dua Lipa’s massive hit COLD HEART shows that the Grandmaster of Pop is as relevant today as he has ever been, the success of the song even threatening Ed Sheeran’s domination of the UK singles chart!

Sheeran’s new album = will be released on October 29th and in the run up to the big moment Ed has been dominating the chart, but now has Sir Elton & Dua snapping at his heels. In the battle to see who will take the Number One slot in Friday’s UK Chart they were just 2,500 sales behind Ed at the start of the week.

Whatever the result of that particular race it is incredible to think that Elton John has been a regular chart fixture around the world for over 50 years and yet can still sucessfully team up with a hugely successful current artist and give one of today’s most successful singer songwriters a run for their money.

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