Jun 19, 2021

One of the planet’s greatest music legends has released a new album after a 15 year hiatus.

Diana Ross last released an album of new material, I Love You, in 2006.

Every one of the 13 tracks on the album has been co-written by her alongside top industry songwriters such as Tayla Parx, Amy Wadge, and Jack Antanoff.

The new album, Thank You, has actually been in the pipeline since 2019, when she announced she was heading in to the studio and suggested that it would be quite an upbeat offering. In an interview at the time she said,

“I’m getting ready to go in the studio and do another album and I want to do songs from where I am at this point in time in my life because I feel so incredibly grateful and appreciative of you.”

In a reference to her 70’s film role as Billie Holiday she went on, “I don’t want to sing the blues. I want to sing songs that really speak to you and where I’m at at this time in my life, and optimism, and positivity.”

“This collection of songs is my gift to you with appreciation and love. I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to record this glorious music at this time.”

Before Covid struck the 77 year-old superstar was scheduled to appear at last year’s Glastonbury in the Legends slot and of course she has a permanent slot in our Legends section where you can hear her all the tracks on Thank You and all her hits from her days with The Supremes onwards.



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