Feb 25, 2021

French duo Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de-Homen are better known as their helmeted robot alter-egos Daft Punk. They have been pushing the boundaries of electronic pop for 30 years but last Monday dropped the bombshell news that they were splitting up. Obviously they didn’t make the announcement with anything as simple as a press conference, instead they released and eight minute long video called EPILOGUE featuring the two robots in a desert , where one of them gets blown up and the other strolls off in to the sunset alone!

There is a saying in the music business that nothing boosts sales like splitting up or dying and just to prove the point sales of Daft Punk’s back catalogue have gone through the roof with some estimating a jump of as much as 500% in downloads. Its not just the music that is selling well, Dylan Thomas from North Carolina makes custom helmets that look like the famous robot heads. He has sold $22,000 worth in the last few days and says he could have made $100,000 if he’d had the stock!

Of course we have a radio station dedicated to the amazing output of this innovative duo, where you can listen to their biggest songs FOR FREE 


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