Apr 26, 2021

Also known in their home country of Korea as the Bangtan Boys, BTS are making their mark around the world and have therefore earned their place among the global stars who have a station dedicated to them on Exclusive Radio.

We feel sure many of our listeners will already know of them but, for those who don’t, BTS are a seven-member boy band that began in 2010. They were originally a hip hop group but these days their music encompasses a wide range of genres.

As well as earning a tick in the box for co-writing and co-producing much of their material, BTS offer social commentary in some of their lyrics such as mental health and the troubles of school-age youth. They also venture into referencing literature and have even touched on psychological concepts including an alternative universe storyline. Definitely not the usual tropes of boybands!

Whether you are a BTS fan or checking them out for the first time we know you will enjoy their brand new, dedicated radio station.



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