Feb 23, 2021

Why is Bad Bunny the most streamed artist on the planet at the moment? As we move away from national charts towards a more global view of music consumption we can see how important the huge Latin American market is. But why has this 26 year old Puerto Rican soared above other huge selling Latin stars such as J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma and Ozuna? Jose Luis Seijas, music editor of Latino Life thinks Bad Bunny has a broader appeal.

“He has a bit of everything, His punchlines are fantastic – he’s a very good writer. He can be quite deep, but he’s also the guy you want to hear in the middle of the night in a club, getting down and dirty. And he does a lot of love songs, and girls love that.”

The U.K’s Guardian Newspaper in a recent feature asked the question, ” Why has the world’s biggest pop star not had a Top 100 song in the UK ?” They go on to suggest that wider worldwide chart success is on the way to make him even bigger!

“Even if you don’t understand the Spanish lyrics, the very sound of his voice is appealing. It has a wonderfully haughty and disparaging air to it, as if regarding you with disdain over a pair of the exotic sunglasses that invariably sit on his nose, and when singing, he delivers his baritone from the back of his lungs with the notes lightly skimming his teeth and lips on the way out: a gorgeous vocal texture. But he is equally adept at spittle-flecked raps right on top of the mic, and a melodious flow somewhere between the two.”

For such a big star he is clearly still undiscovered by many, which is why we have given him his own radio station so that you can find out for yourselves what all the fuss is about,

EXCLUSIVELY BAD BUNNY– Find him now in our HOT NOW section.

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