Aug 7, 2021

Fortnite has been teasing one of its biggest concert events for weeks now, and Epic finally announced that Ariana Grande would be center stage when the Rift Tour event kicked off on August 6th.

After Fortnite revealed Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour look, excited fans took to meme-ing the event in the best way possible.

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The internet is at its best when it’s creating excellent gaming memes, and now Ariana Grande has become a part of that. Fans of the pop singer and “Fortnite” celebrated her exciting new Icon Series skins by busting out their best jokes.

One of the most popular meme formats is a close-up of the star in Fortnite with a colorful pistol in hand, accompanied by different dialogue. One featured Grande singing “thank u, next,” while another highly-liked version of it reads, “I SAID break up with your girlfriend,” referencing another popular Grande tune.

We leave the gaming to others, but if you want the best of Ariana’s music, then you’ve come to the right place!



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