Aug 9, 2021

On August 9th 1980 AC/DC achieved their first UK No.1 album with Back In Black.

It was the first AC/DC album recorded without former lead singer Bon Scott (who died on 19 February 1980 at the age of 33), and was dedicated to him, with the all-black cover designed as a sign of mourning.

Former Geordie lead singer Brian Johnson replaced Scott and contributed to the songwriting along with Angus and Malcolm Young. The album was recorded in the Bahmas over seven weeks in April and May 1980 and was produced by Mutt Lang who had also worked on the band’s previous, breakthrough album Highway To Hell.

41 years later the album has sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide, making it the second highest selling album of all time, and the best-selling hard rock or heavy metal album, as well as the best-selling album ever released by a band.

In December 2019 Back In Black was certified 25x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Enjoy the music of the magnificent band, who continue to record and tour, on our dedicated radio station.



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