Jul 6, 2024

On July 6, 1964 the Beatles first movie A Hard Day’s Night arrived on our cinema screens, with the soundtrack album released four days later.

With Beatlemania in overdrive there was never a doubt the film would be successful, but the critical acclaim it received did come as a surprise to some.

Looking back 60 years the movie still stands as a piece of cinematic art, partly due to being filmed in black & white, but mainly because it demonstrates the fab four’s ability to act, or at the very least to be themselves on screen, while showcasing their wit and downright likeableness.

Unlike their live performances, so well portrayed in the film, cinema goers got to enjoy the music without it being drowned out by screaming fans. In those days a cinema ticket entitled its user to stay all day and watch again and again, and a great many did so, no doubt disappointed to be turned out when the cinema closed for the night.

Every track from A Hard Day’s Night features on our exclusive station, but if you prefer only the hits from, arguably, the greatest band of all time we have that covered too.


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